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            1. 外教評價



              Greetings! To Whom It May Concern;

              My name is Malaz. Im American.
              Ive lived in Beijing for about 10 years. Ive been teaching for almost 30 years.
              Currently (in part, thanks to Rosie) I am the Principal at Jingmao, Taolesi International


              Hi everyone,my name is Jed,im 36 years old.I’m from Chicago.I have been working with Rosie for 18 month.I now work at a English training center with other international teachers,2of them also work for foreignerHR.It’s has been a good experience.About Rosi

              Bailey Yordnoff

              Hi my name is Bailey Im from the United States and I have only been in China a little over a month now so am still pretty new but in that time at foreigner HR and Rosie have assisted me with finding an apartment finding a perfect school and getting me tra

              hayden lukeis

              hello,my name is Hayden,I cam from Britain .I’ve been in Beijing for 8 month now.I found Rosie online when I was in Hong Kong . Then I came here to Beijing work with her.Im currently work for web,its a company specialize in English training that has sever

              Dianne ScottHi

              my name is Dianne and I come from South Africa. I have been an English teacher for many many years. And I decided to come to China because its a really interesting place and also therere lots of great teaching opportunities available. And when I came here


              Foreigner HR must be one of the best recruiting agencies I have ever come across. Especially when there is never a feeling of doubt when working with someone.

              My name is Dylan and I am from South Africa. I am currently living and working in Beijing. I

              Jonathan Klein

              Hey Im Jay and Im an American. Im 27 years old and Ive been working here in Beijing for just over two years. I came here with the help of Foreigner HR. Rosie has been awesome helping me get my working visa and setting up interviews and everything. The kin

              David Realyvasqvez

              Hi my name is David Im from the United States.I have been in China for currently two years. during this time I have been in Beijing.I have had a wonderful relationship with Rosie and she is assisted me with my journey here in China.it has been a time thro

              Daniel greiner

              hello,my name is Daniel,im an employee represented by ForeignerHR.I can tell you that theyre a very good company.I have been in China for over 5years,Ive been working with them the entire time.theyre very reputable,efficient and responsible in getting wor

              kerry Charlotte

              Hi, my name is Kerry, I am from the UK, Im 27 years old and moved to Beijing 5 months ago. I work in 21st Century Kindergarten in Chedaogou. I really enjoy working at the school, the children are great fun to work with. The teachers in my classroom are ve

              Ari abramovsky

              My name is Ari,Ive been working with ForeignerHR for 3 years and I have loved every moment of it.Rosie has been able to provide me a wonderful apartment,a good working VISA and has kept me consistently imployed at wonderful school where i get to make live

              Alice Folley

              Hi,my name is Alice.Ive worked here for one year.I really recommend this company if youre really looking to teach here in China.it helps you with accommodation,with VISA.theyre really helpful,they give you lots of information,people can come and pick you

              Brandon Knox

              Hey my name is Brandon and I am from Canada. I have been teaching English in Beijing for almost 1 year and it has been a great year! The school I work for has been amazing and Very helpful with lesson plans. I came with an agency named ForeignerHR that is

              Kelly Dixon

              ForeingerHR (www.foreignerhr.com) has provided me with a nice apartment, a wonderful job, and a fantastic assistant who has helped me immensely. Upon my arrival in Beijing, I was able to visit several schools for an interview and pick the one I felt was t

              Naomei Flisvonrucker

              My name is Naomei Flisvonrucker. ForeignerHR (www.foerignerhr.com) is a well managed company built to assist foreign teachers in creating their working lives in China. My personal experience with the organization has truly been one worth repeating.
              At e

              Adela Villatoro

              My name is Adela Villatoro. I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for ForeignerHR (www.foreignerhr.com) and Rosie. I have worked with many teachers and teacher interns over my twelve-year teaching experience and this company is the best

              Coby Oscar Amaya

              Hello, everyone my name is Coby. I am 32 years old. I will talk a little about me and my experience here in China. I came to China more than a year ago and have been working for this famous company here in beijing, the name of the company is (FOREIGNERHR)


              Hi, I am Sasha and I am from Serbia. Ive been cooperating with foreigner HR company for a year. I would gladly recommend this company to everyone, since I got my working visa,paychecks were always on time and asistants were very helpful.I had a great job


              hi ,my name isElies ,iam from U.S.A,i arrived beijing half an month,i like china ,,i like work at here,i like this company ,they help me a lot,hope you can join us


              hi.i am Giselled ,i am from canada,i am work at kindergarten,i am very like this job,i like kids,foreignerhr help me find this job,,i am really appreciate..


              My name is Nabeez,,i am fromU.S.A,24 years old,i have BA degree,.i am very happy work with foreignerhr,they help me a lot,i already work two weeks .Everything's been a great experience. I will recommend it to anyone.

              Casper Smit

              Hi,my name is Casper.Im 20 years old.I recently moved from south Africa to China.it has been really nice working at this international kindergarten,people here are friendly and helpful.Its also really nice working with foreignerhr,they helped me with hous

              Bessie henriquez

              hello,My name is Bessie,im 30 years old.Im currently living in China.I have been here for almost 3 years already.I am an English teacher working at a kindergarten.I really enjoy working with children theyre really cute.I have two sons,theyre living here i

              Michiel Breda

              hello,My name is Michiel,Im from South Africa.I have been working with Rosies company for 1 year.She took good care of me and help me everytime I need help with something,finding apartment,set up internet.She took care of my working visa and legal documen

              Luca Dragotta

              My name is Luca Dragotta, 26 years old, italian and I’ve been working under Rosie and Foreigner HR for 4 months by now. I‘ve arrived in Beijing on October the 22nd 2015 and immediately started searching for a job as english teacher. Out of all the agencie

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